Aerial Animal Biometrics

Tilo Burghardt, Will Andrew, Colin Greatwood

Traditionally animal biometric systems represent and detect the phenotypic appearance of species, individuals, behaviors, and morphological traits via passive camera settings – be this camera traps or other fixed camera installations.

In this line of work we implemented for the first time a full biometric pipeline onboard a autonomous UAV in order to gain complete autonomous agency that can be used to adjust acquisition scenarios to important settings such as individual identification in freely moving herds of cattle.

In particular, we have built a computationally-enhanced M100 UAV platform with an on-board deep learning inference system for integrated computer vision and navigation able to autonomously find and visually identify by coat pattern individual HolsteinFriesian cattle in freely moving herds.We evaluate the performance of components offline, and also online via real-world field tests of autonomous low-altitude flight in a farm environment. The proof-of-concept system is a successful step towards autonomous biometric identification of individual animals from the air in open pasture environments and in-side farms for tagless AI support in farming and ecology.

Caption: Overview of the Autonomous Cattle ID Drone System.
Caption: Video Summary of Cattle ID Drone System

This work was conducted in collaboration with Farscope CDT, VILab and BVS.

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