Westminster Policy Forum

We are pleased to announce that Professor Dave Bull has been invited to speak at the Westminster Policy Forum, Next Steps for the Western Gateway

Westminster Social Policy Forum & Policy Forum for Wales keynote seminar: Priorities for economic development and investment in the South Wales and Western England region will be taking place on the 21 June.

This event will evaluate the most recent advancements and future strategies for the South Wales and Western England area. It presents a platform to delve into crucial topics during a period of increased policy attention leading up to the General Election. Attendees will review the progress made thus far and set out priorities for the future to accomplish the goals of the region’s cross-border partnership. These goals include drawing in more private investments into Western England and South Wales, achieving sustainable economic growth, and enhancing coordination and cooperation among local authorities within the region.

Key focuses will include economic development and investment priorities in the South Wales and Western England area. The conference will also explore ways to advance innovation in the region and determine the next steps towards positioning the area as a frontrunner in achieving net zero goals and promoting low carbon energy. The agenda will address the necessary policies and the roles of key stakeholders going forward to facilitate increased financial investments in the region.

Dave Bull, Director of MyWorld will be speaking alongside Director of GW4‘s Joanna Jenkinson, on the theme of Supporting future regional growth, and will be discussing supporting career opportunities, employment and capabilities across the region, examining plans for the UK’s first pan-national Cyber Super Cluster, building upon the region’s digital innovation strengths in AI, 5G, computing and robotics and establishing a coordinated approach and long-term funding for skills development | strengthening
collaboration within the third sector.