About Us

The Visual Information Laboratory of the University of Bristol exists to undertake innovative, collaborative and interdisciplinary research resulting in world leading technology in the areas of computer vision, image and video communications, content analysis and distributed sensor systems. The VI Lab was formed in 2010, merging the two well established research groups, Signal Processing (EEEng) and Computer Vision (CS). The two constituent groups offer shared and complementary strengths and, with a history of successful collaboration since 1993, their merger has created one of the largest groupings of its type in the UK.


The Visual Information Laboratory has an international reputation based on fundamental and applied research and collaborates widely. Within the University collaboration is primarily through the Bristol Vision Institute, the Communication Systems and Networks Research Group and the Bristol Robotics Laboratory. The Group also has a strong track record of collaborating externally with academia and industry, through EPSRC and EU funding. It combines fundamental research with exploitation, creating impact through patents and licensing.

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Computer Vision
Image Processing
Visual Communications