VI-Lab has earned an international reputation for its work, based on fundamental and applied research and exploitation across applications including automation and robotics, media production and delivery,  medical imaging and digital health.  Its contributions are highly interdisciplinary with collaborations including Bristol Vision Institute, Bristol Digital Futures Institute,  The Smart Internet Laboratory,  and Bristol Robotics Laboratory. The Group also has an enviable track record of external collaboration with academia and industry, through government and industry funding.

Please take a deeper dive into our specific contributions by clicking on the links below:

Autonomous Systems and Robotics

  • Real-time tracking, Object recognition, Active Vision
  • Personal and mobile robotics, robot vision
  • Wearable computing

Fine-Grained Object Interaction

  • Fine-grained actions, interactions and activities
  • Temporal Modelling and interpretable models
  • Multi-modal video understanding


  • Virtual, augmented and mixed reality systems
  • Video tracking
  • Simultaneous Location and Mapping

Digital Health

  • In-home monitoring
  • Human movement assessment and person re-identification
  • Clinical computer vision