AnantrasirichaiEPSRCMyUnderwaterWorld: Intelligent Underwater Scene Representation2024-2025£165k
Anantrasirichai, BullVAARSTEPSRC IAAUnderwater scene enhancement for visual feature tracking2024-2025£16k
Bull, ZhangCondense RealityMyWorld CRD2 fundingImplicit Neural Representations for Volumetric Video Workflows2024£200k
Simeonidou, Bull, Katsenou, MacQuarrie, GilchristUK GovernmentConnected Reality: see more, hear more, feel more2023-2024£375611
Bull, ZhangVisionularLow Delay Video Compression for AOM Codec, PhD Scholarship2023£40k
GolbabaeeEPSRCDeep compressive quantitative MRI2023-2025£340k
Bull, CalwayUKRIMyWorld Strength in Places Fund2021-25£30,000k
Katsenou, BullB&B R&D ISCF/AHRCEnergy aware video coding2021-22£58k
Katsenou, BullB&B R&D ISCF/AHRCSustainable video compression2021-22£58k
DamenEPSRC Early Career FellowshipUMPIRE - United Model for the Perception of Interactions in visuoauditory REcognition2020-25£1,395k
DamenUniversity of Oxford EPSRC CapitalJADE22020-24£5,626k
Damen, CalwaySCEEM (School of Computer Science, Electrical & Electronic Engineering, and Engineering MathsLVVision applications2020-23£1,000k
Gilchrist, BullBT/EPSRCImmersive measurements iCASE2020-23£100k
Calway, BullInnovate UK5G Edge-XR2020-22£282k
BurghardtUniversity of Bonn German governmentAMMOD - species monitoring2020-22£5,000k
Bull, GilchristB&B R&D ISCF/AHRCAudience understanding2020-22£350k
Bull, AnantrasirichaiB&B R&D ISCF/AHRCDeep production workflows2020-22£350k
Bull, Zhang EPSRC IAADrone cinematography2020-21£15k
Bull, Zhang DASA DSTLDASA learning optimal compression2020-21£90k
Anantrasirichai, BullUoB pump primingNECTEC collaboration2020£5k
Hendy, BurghardtH2020 Training Network4D-REEF2019-23£4,000k
Bull, GilchristEPSRC and BBCiCASE award BBC extended video parameter space2019-23£110k
CalwayEPSRC Impact Acceleration AccountAutomated nanoscale characterisation 2019-22£30k
Simeonidou, Halford, Bull et al.Research EnglandBristol Digital Futures Institute2019-22£30,000k
Bull, Zhang, KatsenouNetflixVideo optimisation and delivery2019-21£197k
MirmehdiCharityParkinson's behaviour understanding2019-20£75k
Biggs, Bull, Hill, AnantrasirichaiNERCDigital Environment: dynamic ground motion2019-20£169k
Biggs, Bull, Hill, AnantrasirichaiNERCNERC Innovation2019-20£123k
AchimLeverhulme TrustInformation fusion for retinal imaging 2019-20£44k
Adams, Achim, AnantrasirichaiRoyal SocietyAutomating the identification and measurement of global river networks2019-20£100k
Bull, CalwayUKRIStrength in Places seedcorn funding2019£50k
Craddock, Mirmehdi, Damen, BurghardtEPSRC (Vision theme - £1.5M)SPHERE next steps 2018-22£3,631k
Calway, CaterEPSRC and UKAEAEPSRC/IILF Award UKAEA-RACE AR for information visualisation2018-22£78k
Gilchrist, BullEPSRC and BBCiCASE award BBC measuring immersion2018-22£110k
KatsenouLeverhulme Trust (Fellowship)Deep perceptual compression2018-21£150k
Bull, ZhangNTTL-Systems for video coding2018-21£30k
Dovey, Bull, ColeISCF/AHRCBristol+Bath Creative Industry Cluster2018-21£5,900k
Nicholson, AchimFight for SightImage fusion in the analysis of occular inflammatory disease2018-21£50k
Achim, BullEPSRCAssenSAR2018-21£709k
CalwayInnovate UKAutonomous offshore wind farm inspection2018-20£1,271k
Dowsey, BurghardtTuring InstituteOpen data platform dairy farms2018-20£207k
Bull, AnantrasirichaiInnovate UKPALANTIR2018-20£900k
Bull, ColeEPSRCIAA Strategic Engagement Award - Creative Technologies2018-20£110k
BullGoogle, YouTubePerception-based video compression2018-20£38k
Biggs, Bull, Hill, AnantrasirichaiNERCVolcanoes2018-19£64k
Bull, GilchristBBCImmersive measurements for HDR2018-19£10k
Bull, Katsenou, ZhangNetflixCodec dynamic optimisation2018-19£57k
Biggs, Bull, HillEPSRCAutomated alert system for volcanic unrest in developing countries2018-19£52k
Bull, ZhangEPSRCIAA VISTRA2018-19£17k
Achim, Bull, AnantrasirichaiEPSRCIAA B-line2018-19£49k
Bull, NixGCHQClutter prediction2017-20£100k
CampbellLPW TechnologyInspection of metal particles2017-19£20k
Bull, HillBritish CouncilPrediction of HABs2017-19£300k
Bull, GilchristEPSRCIAA immersive experiences2017-19£15k
Bull, CalwayEU H2020Multidrone2017-19£502k
Williams, BullLeverhulme TrustArtist in residence - Luke Jerram2017-18£40k

EPSRCLOCATE: LOcation adaptive Constrained Activity recognition using Transfer learning

2016 -18£98k
Mayol-Cuevas, Damen, Gilchrist, Ludwig Gilchrist, Ludwig
GLANCE: GLAnceable Nuances for Contextual Events2016 -20£807k
Achim, Hayes, BullWellcomeB-Line Quantification in Lung Ultrasound Images for Fluid Overload Determination in Children Receiving Dialysis2016£25k
Bull et al.EPSRCCEPSRC CDT Future Communications 22016 -22£3,034k
Mayol-CuevasEPSRC EP/M019454/1 AGILE: An integrated vision and control architecture for Agile robotic exploration2015-19£1,611k
Mayol-Cuevas, RichardsonEPSRCAn integrated vision and control architecture for agile robotic exploration2015 -19£754k
Bull, Canagarajah et alEPSRCVision for the Future (Platform Grant)2015 -20£1,400k
Burghardt, BullDSTLPerformance and environment aware object recognition2015 -16£85k
Mayol-Cuevas, CalwayOverseas industryLarge-scale dense visual mapping2015 -16$150K USD
Martinez-Carranza, Mayol-Cuevas,Royal Society Newton FellowshipRAFAGA: Robust Autonomous Flight of unmanned Aerial vehicles in GPS-denied outdoor Areas.2015 -17£78k
Gibson, Campbell, BullDSTLImage stabilisation in a reduced SWAP architecture2014 -15£ 77k
Bull, Agrafiotis, HillMBDAContext-based video compression2014 -15£164k
Mayol-Cuevas, Damen
SamsungGlaciAR: Glass-enabled Contextual Interactions for Augmented Reality2013 -14$80K USD
Bull, AgrafiotisEUMarie Curie Research Network in Video Compression (PROVISION)2013 -16£660k
Hill, Bull, AchimAtlasContext adaptive ATR2013 -14£23k
Nunez-Yanez, AchimDSTLGeneric enablers for low-SWAPC ISTAR: enabling low-power and low-cost sensors with hardware accelerated video super-resolution.2013 -14£76k
Achim, Nunez-Yanez, BullEPSRC/TSBEnergy–efficient image processing for man portable multi-waveband sensor fusion2013 -14£150k
BullEPSRC/BBCImmersive video formats2013 -14£50k
Craddock, Mirmehdi, Campbell, Gilchrist et alEPSRCEP/K031910/1: IRC – SPHERE*2013 -18£11,683k
Achim, Bull, Nunez-YanezDSTLA unified framework for scalable video super-resolution and fusion2013 -14£72k
Mayol-CuevasDSTLPUCE-2: Precise navigation of UAVs in Complex Environments2013 -14£95
Mayol-CuevasDSTL/Blue BearSmart Boomerang: Teach, Blog and Repeat for an Inspection Flying Robot2013 -14£132k
Gibson, Campbell, BullDSTLLow level vision architectures2012 -15£150k
Turton, Gilchrist, Clatworthy, Mayol-CuevasUK Occupational Therapy Research FoundationDescription and measurement of visual scanning training in Occupational Therapy for patients with visual search deficits following stroke.2012 -13£44k
Mayol-CuevasDSTLPUCE-1: Precise navigation of UAVs in Complex Environments2012 -13£90K
Bull, GilchristEPSRC
Bristol-BBC Immersive Technology Laboratory
2012 -13£85k
Bull, Agrafiotis, BaddeleyEPSRCEP/J019291/1: Parametric video compression (COMPPACT)2012 -15£541k
Bull, Agrafiotis, Burghardt et al.TSB, indARKive in Your Pocket (AIYP)2012 -14£350k
Burn, Bull, Mayol-Cuevas, GilchristEPSRC
EP/J012025/1: Bioinspired vision processing for autonomous locomotion
2012 -15
Canagarajah, McGeehanEPSRCEP/J016705/1: India-UK ATC in Next-Generation Networks and services2012 -14£400k
Calway, Mayol-CuevasEPSRCSLAM systems for the analysis of gaze2012£44k
Mendl, Campbell at al.BBSRCThe defence cascade as an indicator of animal welfare in the lab and field2011 -15£588k
Bull, AchimGeneral DynamicsVisual correction of atmospheric turbulence
Bull, AgrafiotisMOD ITPDuplex video coding2011£60k
Mayol-Cuevas, CalwayOverseas IndustryLarge Area Navigation with a Topological and Metric Framework for Humanoid Robotics2011$150k
Bull, AchimKUSTARVisual signal processing and analysis centre2011 -15£800k
Bull, McGeehan, BeachEPSRCEPSRC CDT in Communications2011 -19£2,200k
Taunton, Angilley, Clatworthy, Gilchrist, Mayol-CuevasNHS-NBTEffects of hemianopia with and without visuospatial neglect on head and eye movements, navigation and falls in patients with stroke.2011£20k
AchimEPSRCNovel processing for cellular bioimages2010£17k
Ludwig, Burn, Leonards, BullWellcomeBVI Movement Laboratory2010 -14£390k
Mayol-Cuevas, Calway.Overseas IndustryReal-time model building for object detection2010$150k
Calway, Mayol-CuevasEU FP7COGNITO2010 -12
Bull, AchimEPSRCScalable video fusion2010 -11£130k
Bull, AchimDSTLDetection of difficult underwater targets2010£36k