FRQM: A Frame Rate Dependent Video Quality Metric

Fan Zhang, Alex Mackin and David Bull


This page introduces the work of an objective quality metric (FRQM), which characterises the relationship between variations in frame rate and perceptual video quality. The proposed method estimates the relative quality of a low frame rate video with respect to its higher frame rate counterpart, through temporal wavelet decomposition, subband combination and spatiotemporal pooling. FRQM was tested alongside six commonly used quality metrics (two of which explicitly relate frame rate variation to perceptual quality), on the publicly available BVI-HFR video database, that spans a diverse range of scenes and frame rates, up to 120fps. Results show that FRQM offers significant improvement over all other tested quality assessment methods with relatively low complexity.



[DOWNLOAD] Matlab code


[1] Fan Zhang, Alex Mackin, and David, R. Bull, “A Frame Rate Dependent Video Quality Metric based on Temporal Wavelet Decomposition and Spatiotemporal Pooling. “, IEEE ICIP, 2017.