University of Bristol

Adaptive Resolution Intra Coding

Adaptive resolution coding of intra frames for improved rate distortion performance at low bitrates.

Visual Attention Based Video Compression

Accurate prediction of the viewer’s gaze location in a video frame has the potential to improve bit allocation, rate control, error resilience and quality evaluation in video compression. With complex contexts, such as that of…

Perceptual Quality Metrics (PVM)

Novel video quality metrics that use the dual-tree complex wavelet transform (DT-CWT) and motion analysis to characterise perceptual tolerances within spatial and temporal textures

Parametric Video Coding

A video compression scheme where an analysis/synthesis framework is employed rather than the conventional energy minimization approach.

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Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions : PROVISION

A network of leading academic and industrial organisations in Europe developing next generation texture synthesis based codecs

Visual saliency

By being able to predict multicue gaze for open signed video content, there can be coding gains without loss of perceived quality. We have developed a face orientation tracker based upon grid-based likelihood ratio trackers, using…

Error resilience and transport

The Group’s relationship with the Communication Systems and Networks Group has produced a body of successful research into the reliable transport of video. The group has proposed a number of error resilient methods which reduce…

Efficient image and video algorithms & architectures

The group is involved in a broad range of activities related to image and video coding at various bit rates, ranging from sub 20kb/s to broadcast rates including High Definition. We are currently conducting research…