University of Bristol


Video Studio

The Group hosts a high class research environment. Our video studio houses state of the art capture and display devices including RED ONE and RED  EPIC cameras (5K resolution, 350fps), a Contrast Optical amp HDR camera system, professional 4k monitors, two HDR displays (a prototype Dolby HDR display and a SIM2 HDR display) and a high frame rate display (120fps). The studio also includes a storage facility, an Apple/ Final CutPro based HD editing suite two portable eye trackers and a dedicated area for subjective testing under controlled conditions.

The BVI Movement Laboratory

The BVI Movement Laboratory is a unique state-of-the-art facility that enables the creation of a wide variety of visual environments within which everyday behaviour can be measured (e.g. locomotion, head, eye and hand movements).  The facility includes a 12-camera motion capture system for fast and accurate measurement of position and movement of body segments in 3D space, a treadmill with an integrated force platform for measuring biomechanical response to visual stimulation, multiple screens used for stereo back- projection of a visual “world” and a mobile eye tracker for capturing the observer’s point of gaze.